Sunday, September 19, 2010

Immigration - Upsides and Downsides

Immigration: Dream or nightmare?

Opinions about immigrating to Canada are as numerous as there are immigrants.  Some people come here and have wonderful experiences and others are completely disappointed and even end up returning to their country of birth.  Most people, however, have experiences that lie somewhere in the middle.  These articles and YouTube clips give both perspectives.  

Immigration Project:
You have two choices for this project.  

  1. You will create an advertisement either encouraging or discouraging possible immigrants to Canada.  You must support your arguments with valid reasons.  You must include information about Canadians and Canadian identity.  You may do this in whichever media you like: print (poster, magazine ad, mock-up for a billboard, etc.), electronic (webpage, powerpoint, etc.), film, radio, podcast.  
  2. You will create a "documentary" about an immigrant coming to Canada.  You must find information about other immigrants who have had similar experiences before you can include it in your "documentary".   You must include information about Canadians and Canadian identity.  You may do this as a film, radio show, podcast, powerpoint or as a magazine article.  
You may do this individually, in partners, or in groups of no more than four.  Keep in mind, however, that the larger the group, the more I will expect from you.  In doing your research for this assignment, you may use any valid webpage you find on the Internet but you MUST also use at least one resource from eLibrary.  For your project to be complete, you must hand in the following things.
  1. Your notes in Cornell format.   30%
  2. Your reference list showing where your information came from and written in MLA format.  25%
  3. Your final project.   30%
  4. Your self evaluation.   15%
This project is due on Tuesday, September 28th.

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