Monday, November 22, 2010

Assignments on Early Canada

Work that needs to be handed in or posted on your blog in the next 2 1/2 weeks:
  1. ASAP - post the link to your Facebook page for William Lyon Mackenzie or Louis Joseph Papineau.  Also, email the link to me to be sure that I will be able to view the page.
  2. Confederation project - if you are able to post it to your blog, do so.  If not, hand in your work to me by Friday, November 26th.  
  3. Post your essay on Louis Riel to your blog but also keep a hard copy in case of blog failure!  This is due Friday, December 10th.

Louis Riel Essay

Write a 1000 word, five paragraph essay on the following topic:  Louis Riel - Hero, Traitor, Father of Confederation, Prophet, Mad Man.  Which one was he?

You must provide historical evidence to support your opinion and your essay MUST follow the 5 paragraph format.

On your blog I will be looking for your notes, your essay, and your bibliography.  Your bibliography must be in proper APA format.  You need to have used at least one website, one electronic article, and three print sources including the textbook and the Chester Brown biography. 

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